YUM Cheat Sheet

The Yellowdog Updater, Modified (YUM) is a libre and open-source command-line packagemanagement utility for computers running the GNU/Linux operating system.
Display yum commands and options
yum help
List all available packages
yum list available
List all installed packages
yum list installed
List installed and available packages
yum list all
List installed and available kernel packages
yum list kernel
List info about vsftpd package
yum info vsftpd
List dependencies and packages providing them
yum deplist nfs-utils
Show package that contains top command
yum provides “*bin/top”
Find packages with samba in name or description
yum search samba
Get info on available security updates
yum updateinfo security

Query repositories for available package updates

yum check-update
Download (no install) vsftpd package to cache (/var/cache/yum/arch/prod/repo/)
yum install --downloadonly vsftpd
Install the vsftpd package
yum install vsftpd
Update the httpd package (if available)
yum update httpd
Apply security-related package updates
yum update --security
Remove httpd and other unneeded packages
yum autoremove httpd
Remove the vsftpd package and dependencies
yum remove vsftpd
Downgrade the abc package to an earlier version
yum downgrade abc
Delete packages saved in cache
yum clean packages
List installed RPM packages and statistics

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