Several years ago I decided to buy a big couch.  As they are expensive  (> 1000 €) I checked out several couches from several furniture houses.  Finally i bought this one and i liked it. The price was about 900 €.


Afterwards i understood why picking a light color is not a good idea…

But what i did not understand is why the fuck choosing plastic for fixing the steel springs(forks/nibs)?


The logic consequence of this EPIC design error was that nearly all of the plastic fixations broke and the couch began to hang…


So i decided to make it better, i bought eyebolts made of steel and replaced the broken plastic. A wood drill was necessary (just drilled a small hole, so that I was able to screw the eyebolts)


I still have to find out the producers name and mail this story to them. I just want to know how many money they think they saved using plastic crap.